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Everything you need to achieve your credit goals.

Your path to better credit starts with Credit Prime!

Credit Prime offers financial products and services designed to help you improve your credit and overall financial future. Whether you need credit repair or a secured credit card, your path to better credit starts here.

Credit repair that’s on the house! Most credit repair companies charge huge fees and none can guarantee positive results. We believe everyone should be able to get their credit issues fixed. That’s why we do everything for free on your behalf to help clean up your credit file and raise your scores. Get Started!

  • Get approved for a mortgage.
  • Secure good rates on a car loan.
  • Get a low-interest credit card
  • Borrow money from a prime lender
  • Live the life you deserve.

SmartCredit® provides innovative tools to help you control and monitor your credit score. Learn more

  • Score Tracker, Builder & Master
  • Money Manager and Credit Building Tools
  • All 3 Credit Reports & Scores
  • Credit Monitoring & Alerts
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

Build Credit with Secured Credit Cards and Credit Builder Accounts

Secured credit cards and credit builder accounts are designed for people with limited and bad credit who want to build or rebuild their credit history and increase their scores. Visit our partners for more info:

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