Get The Help You Need To Improve Your Credit.

Our mission is to help you reach your financial and credit score goals by challenging and removing inaccurate, erroneous, and unverifiable negative items on your credit report. Sit back and let the Experts at Credit Prime lead you to a better life with our top-notch credit repair service.

Don't Let Bad Credit Hold You Back

Credit Cards

Obtaining a credit card can be a challenge if you have bad credit. Sometimes your only option is a secured credit card.

Car Loans

While the most common type of loan, getting anything even close to the advertised rate is nearly impossible with bad credit.


Some mortgage lenders will still finance you with bad credit, but you will pay tens upon tens of thousands more for your loan.

We help clean up your credit and raise your scores.

Understanding the credit repair process

1. Review

First, We review your credit report and identify every questionable negative item hurting your score.

2. Challenge

Next, We challenge the negative items using our Advanced METRO2 Compliance dispute process for the fastest, most effective removals in the industry.

3. Rebuild

Deletions alone will not give you the desired credit score you’re looking to achieve. That’s why we provide you with a list of credit building offers designed to help you build a positive credit history while boosting your credit score.

4. Protect & Maintain

Use SmartCredit® to protect and maintain your good credit. Use ACTION buttons to resolve new issues that may appear on your credit report directly with your creditors.


Pay as you go at a price you can afford. Cancel Anytime!
$ 69 Monthly Service Fee
  • Unlimited Deletions
  • Unlimited Dispute Challenges
  • Credit Building Resources
  • Results in 30-45 Days
  • Monthly Updates
  • Secure Client Portal

No Risk. Just Results - The Credit Prime Difference

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